Working Councils

As it moves forward, the work of the Center has been carried out by a collective of Councils; each Council focuses on specific issues related to the mission and is led by individuals and organizations with the capacity to effectively move the Future of Nursing Initiatives forward. Each Council is supported by a workgroup with 10 – 15 members. The virtual nature of the Center in its beginning state lends itself to Montana’s rural geography, dispersed pockets of expertise, and a widely and long-held, deep passion for nursing throughout the state. MT CAHN has formed the following councils:

MT CAHN Council Contacts as of 10-2011

MT CAHN Steering Committee Minutes:

MT CAHN Steering Committee Minutes 2.26.14

MT CAHN Steering Committee Minutes 10.14.14

MT CAHN Steering Committee  Minutes 1.13.15

CAHN Call for Nominations 2015- Feb 17 Deadline