LEAD Council


LEAD = Lead, Engage, Advocate, Develop

The purpose of the Leadership Council: To further develop the LEAD council and to further develop nurse leadership education programs.

The mission of the Leadership Council: The MT CAHN Leadership Council builds nurse leaders to care for Montana.

Current Work

To better understand the nursing leadership challenges associated with rural healthcare, the Montana Center to Advance Health through Nursing (MT CAHN) sent a leadership survey (Montana CAHN 2017 Leadership Rapid Response Survey December 2017) to 137 nurse managers working in various rural hospitals across Montana.  The questionnaire asked nurse managers (n = 42) about their perceived need for leadership skills to address challenges associated with their nursing practice. The survey revealed a perceived gap in leadership knowledge and skills as reported by nurse managers working in rural Montana. Of managers surveyed, 30.95% reported that they did not believe that they had the necessary leadership skills for their role and 85.71% did not believe nurse leaders working in rural Montana have the leadership skills they need to address the challenges of rural healthcare. This brief survey identified a need for leadership education for nurse managers working in rural critical access hospitals across Montana and led to the Quality Improvement Project for Nurse Managers in Critical Access Hospitals in Rural Montana, implemented by MT CAHN LEAD Council’s Michele Sare.

To view the survey results, click here.

(Sare, 2019).

LEAD Council Members

  1. Casey Blumenthal
  2. Deb Charlton
  3. Michele Sare
  4. Karmen Williams
  5. Kailyn Mock
  6. Caleb Jordt
  7. Erin Rumelhart
  8. Christine Keener
  9. Cynthia McGillis-Hiner
  10. Krystal Richards
  11. Katie Temple

LEAD Council Materials