MHA – An Association of Montana Health Care Providers

Montana AHEC and Office of Rural Health – Dedicated to improving access to quality health care for rural Montana by providing collaborative leadership and resources to healthcare and community organizations.

Montana Board of Nursing – Montana nurse licensing and regulatory information

The Center to Champion Nursing in America – An initiative of AARP, the AARP Foundation with the goal of ensuring that all Americans have a highly skilled nurse when and where they need one.

 The Future of Nursing Campaign for Action – The Campaign for Action is a collaborative effort to implement solutions to the challenges facing the nursing profession, and to build upon nurse-based approaches to improving quality and transforming the way Americans receive health care.

The National Forum of State Nursing Workforce Centers  – A group of nurse workforce entities who focus on addressing the nursing shortage within their state and contribute to the global effort to assure an adequate supply of qualified nurses to meet the health needs of US residents.

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