2016 Summit

2016 MT CAHN Nursing Education & Practice Summit

Nursing Practice and Education Growing Together to Produce a Culture of Health for Montana

Great Northern Hotel; Helena, MT

Monday, June 6, 2016

8:15 AM     Welcome; Governor Bullock
Theme:  Growing Together:  What is a Culture of Health?

8:45 AM   Ensuring We Have the Right Yield for our Future Nursing Workforce; 
Peter Buerhaus, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor of Nursing, Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies, Montana State University College of Nursing

10:00 AM Break

10:15 AM  Cultivating Ideas through Group Discussion:  Question and Answer (Q & A) with Dr. Buerhaus

11:00 AM  Academic Progression in Nursing Growth Across the Country and Close to Home;
Tina Gerardi, MS, RN, CAE, Deputy Director, National Program Office, Academic Progression in Nursing

12:00 PM Lunch – Mentors are Water and Sunshine for Our Garden

1:00 PM  Celebrating Seed Variations to Achieve a Productive Nursing Workforce;
Donna Meyer, MSN, RN, CEO, Organization for Associate Degree Nursing

2:15 PM  Break

2:30 PM  Nurturing Plant Variation to Build a Culture of Health:  Native American Nurses Needed

  • Elinor Nault Wright, M.Ed., Office of Indigenous Research, Stone Child College, Box Elder
  • Mariya Waldenberg, BSN, RN, Caring for Our Own Program, Montana State University College of Nursing, Bozeman
  • Raelene Schott, BSN, RN, Caring for Our Own Program, Montana State University College of Nursing, Bozeman
  • Milissa Grandchamp, MN, APRN, FNP, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Tribal Health Clinic, Polson

4:00 PM  Break

4:30 PM  Harvest Celebration Reception    

  • Dahl Memorial Healthcare in Ekalaka, MT Video
  • MT CAHN Awards:  Nursing Student, Preceptor, Nurse Champion, and Nurse
  • Frank Newman Rural Clinical Leadership Award


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

8:15 AM  Welcome, Acknowledgements & Conference Theme of Growing Together:  What is a Culture of Health?              

8:30 AM  Heathcare Climate Changes Affecting Nursing Education and Practice for Growing a Culture of Health
Mary Sue Gorski, PhD, RN; Nurse Researcher and Political Analyst, Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission, AARP Foundation/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

9:45 AM Break

10:00 AM  New Planting Mixes from Nursing Practice:  Exemplars of Success

11:30 AM Lunch

12:15 PM  Building the Soil Components of Regulation                                                                      

  • Cynthia Gustafson, PhD, RN, Executive Officer, Montana Board of Nursing

New Planting Mixes to Achieve Academic Progression in Nursing in Montana

1:45 PM  Stretch Break; Cultivating Ideas for Fertilization through Group Discussion:  Growing Together to Produce a Culture of Health.

2:45 PM  Sharing Take Away Messages 

3:15 PM  Wrapping Up Seedlings to Take Home

 Thank You